Sunday, August 02, 2015

Dada Politics

Nothing is more surreal than the spectacle of tories joining the Labour party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn believing they are doing something smart and clever when what they are really doing is exposing their contempt for ideology and principles in politics.That they would seek to risk having elected a Marxist who were he sucessful will reduce the country to abject penury and slavery reveals them to amoral nihilists of the lowest order.

Some Labour politicians started this by voting for Corbyn on the grounds that it would stimulate debate when all it has done is let the commie genie out of the bottle.Having seen this why did those tories think it would be smart to give him a smooth passage to victory?

For some reason the spectacle of the UK being taken over by communists is something that does not bother them one wit.Would they feel the same about Nazizm and vote for Hitler or his equivalent in the name of destroying the Nazi party?Pure insanity.

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