Saturday, August 01, 2015

Corybantic Corbynism

The press as usual has got it all wrong re Jeremy Corbyn.He is a narrow,reactionary,pedestrian,conservative leftist statist who merely wants to increase the parameters of the state further than they are already,to ratchet up the pre existent tax and regulatory infrastructure of government to new levels of control and oppression -in other words to take the mixed economy to its logical conclusion of absolute state totalitarian power,to make explicit what has hitherto been implicit.Not radical,not new.

What would be radical revolutionary and new would be a capitalist programme of deregulation,de-taxification,a complet laissez faire free market dismantlement of state structures,a delimited state protecting individual rights with no tax raising powers,to completely eliminate coercion in human affairs and institute the non initiation of force principle guiding human relations.The state shall have no dominion over the individual and may not initiate force against the individual or groups of men for political ends.That would be revolutionary.Let the battle be joined

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