Sunday, August 02, 2015

If not now when?

I am more and more convinced that now is the perfect time to start a radical revolutionary political movement in the UK and rippling out globally for unregulated laissez faire capitalism.Why? The political landscape has changed radically all over Europe and the Us in the last five years.Witness the Tea Party movement in the US.In Europe radical far left and far right parties have emerged and the status quo has been irreparably compromised and all but eviscerated.

The election results in the UK further re enforce this trend with the emergence of UKIP and the meltdown of the Liberals and emergence of SNP and the mad Jeremy,so it clearly shows no sign of being a temporary phnenomena.Social media has played a big part in this quiet revolution as anybody with the will can get a global reach for their message at the mere click of a button.This technological revolution may well be as important as the introduction ofCaxton's printing press and its implications as far reaching.

So if not now,when indeed?

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