Thursday, August 06, 2015

Iran needs its Hiroshima

The wrong lessons are usually learnt from history.Hiroshima led to hand wringing,self doubt,self loathing in the West when it was really a cause of celebration that a wicked psychopathic nation had been brought to heel.There were no politically correct,timorous souls in the military back then which is good because otherwise we would all be speaking German jetz -or be human lampshades.

Iran needs the Hiroshima treatment now because compared to it the Japanese were highly evolved beings.It will have to be done when Benedict Obummer leaves the Whitehouse which he has besmirched almost beyond repair.Israel will then join a rejuvenated US and bomb Iran to smithereens,saving the whole world thereby.

As a footnote and re my last piece on Peter Hitchens amongst his other immoral positions alluded to therein is his delinquent posit that Britain was wrong to flatten German cities and that bomber Harris was immoral.I think we know who is immoral in this matter and  when it comes to mortal conflict with an obvious enemy  Mr Hitchens clearly believes it is better to Haw Haw than war war.

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