Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Thou Shalt Not Think

Idiot non savant Roy Masters used to say to his small audience of psychotic followers 'get a trade or you will have to live by your wits'. What does thinking by your wits actually entail? It requires thinking, the excercise of judgement, thinking on your feet, using your mind to engage in the productive activity of money making. Think the financial market, Wall St etc. Thus religion again is exposed as being anti rational, anti mind, anti achievement. You are only productively engaged if you are working in the field and sweating blood.Masters and his religious ilk will determine what constitutes real work - not that he has done much of that in his adult life by that definition, nor indeed his children who as far as I can determine have never had a trade at all as most have been in sales apart from David and who knows exactly what he does other than being Roy's idiot sidekick, a sort of Roy-lite for the very intellectually challenged.

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