Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Capitalism's Defaulters

It is a profound error of judgement and intellectual miscalculation on the part of the commentariat to assume that a Corbyn government is not possible. On the contrary, it is entirely possible for as the advent of Bernie Sanders, Trump and even Brexit testifies, the old political assumptions and certitudes of the the intellectual establishment  have been swept aside. These people are way behind the curve.

If socialism does triumph in the UK it will be by default of the intellectuals and the right who have comprehensively failed to mount a spirited principled stand against statism and collectivism for the very reason that they are tainted with it themselves, having engaged in their own  welfarist redistributive policies over the decades to such an extent that it is hard to tell conservative and Labour apart.

Just as the West cannot oppose Islamism because of its own horrendous history of barbarous Christianity sharing as it does the same philosophical roots so too the conservative right cannot oppose or challenge socialism because it has supped at the same statist table and shares the same collectivist assumptions as the Left albeit in slightly diluted form. And this is why those who wish for a return to capitalism will wish in vain if they seek such deliverance from the traditional quarters from which  all that emanates  is an ignominious shameful and deafening silence.

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