Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fair Stands the wind for Capitalism

Political insurrection, unrest,rebellion against the status quo, the frontal assault on the politcal elites and the corruption of the Establishment all  provide the perfect opportunity for pro-freedom capitalist advocacy. If everything is now on the political agenda and  nothing is taboo, and people are openly talking about undiluted pure socialism as a viable proposition, however bizarre and irrational that undoubtedly is, then correspondingly it must now be equally acceptable to put forward the idea and argue for  pure undiluted capitalism, untrammeled by the excrescences and impediments of the mixed economy with all its statist concessions and compromises such as taxation,regulation and protectionist tarriffs. What is sauce for the political goose of Socialism is sauce for the political gander of capitalism. In a climate where the unthinkable and unsayable is now thinkable and sayable let's have at it!

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