Thursday, August 25, 2016

Burkina Fascism

During WW2 German and Italian citizens living in the UK were imprisoned for the duration of the war in internment camps as it was reasonably assumed that their sympathies  could not be fully determined. Likewise in the present war against Jihadism and extreme Islamism - allowing for the appallingly pusilaminous confused way  in which it is being conducted by the Western powers- it is axiomatic that those who are wearing a mode of dress that indicates an extreme interpretation of Islam should be prevented from doing so.

To continue with the analogy how would the British authorities have reacted if those aforementioned German and Italian citizens in the UK during the WW2 had gone round dressed in fascist Nazi regalia and moreover had engaged in terrorist acts murdering British citizens on British soil? Who would have dared to suggest that what the German and Italians wore was of no concern to the British State and that they should freely flaunt their Fascist credentials in their dress and uniforms?

For make no mistake, in the Burkina, Burka and hijab we have the outward manifestation and symbol of extreme oppressive political Islam with its barbaric Sharia based illiberal  philosophy of world domination and Caliphist hegemony to be enforced by the sword bullet and bomb. This outright provocation should not be sanctioned and the French State is absolutely correct to clamp down on it with the full force and rigour of French law and custom as befitting its proud and unique tradition of upholding the principles of secular liberalism.

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