Monday, April 18, 2016

Towards the Disintermediated State

What will save mankind from the tyranny of statism and collectivism but Science and Reason and its appliction in modern technology. The emergence of science via the enlightenment gave us the industrial revolution, Caxton's printing press brought literacy to the masses and robbed the clerics of their tyranical sway over the masses as the latter could read and question the Bible for themselves without benefit of clergy.

 Now in the 21st century we see another wave of the cultural and scientific revolution. Before the rise of the internet the press whilst free was limited to a small cadre of journalists but now anyone can publish their writing at the click of a button.Aspiring artists no longer require a producer but can promote themselves on youtube and get a following in the millions. Anyone can set up a business at a fraction of the cost it was hertofor and draw from a potentially limitles pool of customers across the globe.

Even more importanly than the abovementioned liberation via science and technology is the freedom people now have from the oppressive and tyranical state particularly in the field of politics and education. Before the internet homeschooling was looked upon however unfairly as the preserve of a small eccentric minority of parents but now any child can acquire a comprehensive education via the internet and this poses a direct threat to the statist who seek to capture the minds of youth for their ideological collectivist purposes and control education.

With the emergence of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies  people can completely bipass the State and taxation system dealing a deathblow to the collectivists everywhere with their big governement agendas. The age of the disintermediated state is upon us and it  will emerge as the greatest revolution in world history and will do more to bring about the capitalist revolution than any philosophical movement before it.

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