Saturday, April 09, 2016

Master of confidence tricks

I once heard arch charlatan Roy Masters bemoan his wife's bovinity and remark that she was lucky he had not gone to his reward and left her ' alone on this miserable earth'.Havin been the subject of almost daily ritualistic vile misogynistic  abuse and character assassination for decades from Roy Masters on the radio one could forgive the poor Mrs Masters from lamenting 'if only'.

Religion is of course man made but one can imagine Roy Masters knocking on the gates of heaven exclaiming ' let me in I tell you, I'm Roy Masters'. To adapt  a line from Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice 'what does God put such idiots as Roy Masters on earth for  if not to provide  sport for our amusement?'.


The Patriot said...

It's plain to me the reason he treats her like that is because she's been deliberately difficult all these years. It came out in a recent Sunday Conversations video. Roy was talking and she came out with something totally irrelevant in this strange and spooky seductive voice to try and derail the show. Just as I thought, 'What was that?', Roy turned his head slowly, thinking the same thing.

She suffers from dementia. She's demented because she's been trying to 'convert' Roy to her god, where he's the 'nice-but-weak' husband who's so in love with her. She's become old and he's more like a thirty-something. Never seen him so strong and independent!

And besides, she wouldn't stay unless she was getting something out of it. As Roy says, she's allowing him to kill her demon.

Linda Method said...

What????????? You think tottering wobbly old chicken neck-Roy is "like thirty-something" ?? He neither behaves nor looks like thirty-something. Good grief, you've got a serious case of denial going on.

I suppose when Roy finally kicks the bucket from a massive coronary, you won't believe he's really dead but that a fiery chariot from heaven came down and rushed him to heaven as with Elijah. Patriot -- you are a doof.

Mrs. Masters is a nice lady, she's put up with being denigrated and stifled all her life with Roy, but she chooses to stay with him out of love, not any attempt to 'convert' him in any way.

The Patriot said...

His outlook is of a young man Linda; not his body. You might get chicken-necked at 88 (though I hope you don't).

The 'love' you say she has is only because she knows only Roy can save her from that thing inside of her. No one says it like Roy does. Where else can you hear someone expounding on demonic possession? Everywhere else says we are whole beings as we are. All the churches, psychology for the most part. Everywhere!

Linda Method said...

I'm sure that everything on me's going to wobble when I'm 88. At least I won't be delusional.

Masters' outlook is hardly youthful. The guy's fossilized. He's irrelevant.

Even in the face of the painful truth -- that all of his ambitious predictions have fallen flat and not a single one has come to fruition, he clings to the same old rhetoric he's been dispensing for decades. Where's the collapse of society? When exactly are we going to lose all our freedoms? Where's the totalitarian dictatorship? When is that nuclear bomb going to get dropped on NYC? By the way, why is Roy Masters not a household name by now? He once predicted that he could solve all the world's problems if he could just get on TV. He's got better than TV -- he has the internet! It seems the more exposure he gets, the less people want anything to do with his little set of instructions.

Look, I used to believe in demon possession, and my belief system kept me in chains. That's what belief in demons and the Devil does to people -- it derails their control over themselves and puts in the hands of unscrupulous types like your favourite cult leader and mine. Wake up, Patriot, and think for yourself. Don't let Masters or anyone else tell you what to believe in, find out for yourself.