Saturday, April 09, 2016

Master Essays in Evil

Cult leader Roy Masters excoriated Sinatra's My Way because it celebrated man's achievements apart from God and was an exercise in egotism highlighting yet again the fundamental evil malevolent misanthropism of religion the jealous God that will not brook any human achievement without due recognition of its alleged Godly provenance.

Religion is of course a man made evil, the greatest hoax in human history that  allows psychopaths and sociopaths like Masters to gain an unhealthy ascendancy over the minds of his hapless dupes who buy into his God complex and worship at his Fhu shrine of vacuity and gobbledegook. It is my privelege to expose this fraud and arrant knave and by so doing hopefully free people from the hypnotic thrall he has over them.

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The Patriot said...

Careful you don't mock God Niconoclast. Nothing wrong with human achievement and this is why God created us.

God is not an ogre with a voice like Darth Vader or the god the crew of the starship Enterprise found to their dismay in Star Trek V - The Final Frontier; something that wants to snuff out all pleasure and joy.

That is the DEVIL'S idea of him because that is the devil's very own identity, projected onto God through us so he / she / it doesn't have to see how rotten it is and how guilty it is for trying to destroy humanity!

I really hope you can come to an understanding of God, our Creator, as a loving and gentle father who wants us to grow and have fun. Yes all the glory has to go to him but that's only because he created all of the tools, materials and everything else that made life possible. I really do see nothing wrong with that at all.

Perhaps this blog is all part of the process in discovering God. Each has his or her own path to follow and I must confess to having the same dark thoughts, that were only because I, like you, thought far too deeply at such a tender age and blamed God for not protecting me. Now that I realise it was because God *couldn't* protect me at the time much, I have recovered. It's not really God you dislike but the *image* of him, created by the devil through an unholy and hypocritical church.