Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Praise of Uncertainty

The harshest criticism the Remainers can level against the Brexiters is that their way will lead to uncertainty and that they cannot draw a picture of what Brexit will look like.Uncertainty is in the nature of freedom. Freedom leads to uncertainty because no one can predict what people will do with it. It rests on millions of individual choices that are entirely unpredictable.

If you want certainty go to North Korea - we know without a doubt that with that system in place people will continue to be slaves,live in mass poverty and privation and misery whilst being forced on pain of their lives to endlessly worship the dictator Kim il song. That is what certainty looks like. Or in fact what it looks like if we remain in the EU. The UK will continue to be humiliated,ignored,held in contempt,bullied,pushed around, regulated unto death,taxed,robbed blind and have its laws over ruled and be forced to import yet more dangerous muslims into the country. That is what certainty re our membership of the EU looks like.

The fact that the Remainers want certaintly speaks to their statist anti freedom anti individual rights control freakery mentality.

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