Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Faith Versus Man

One of the first of the religious radio call in hosts in the US, Roy Masters claims on his youtube recordings that man's greatest crime is playing God.I am wondering who actually does that as to play God one would have to claim an omnipotence of knowledge,indeed to be the source of all knowledge and moreover,to be able to perform miracles and have access to another dimension.Clearly only lunatics and people under medication would lay claim to such supernatural powers.Obviously Roy Masters does not have such people in mind but rather all or most human beings (other than himself of course).So what does he mean to play God? To think independently,to rely soley on one's own mind and independent judgement,one's 'mere' intellect.

This is the essence of mysticism,a dismissal of the intellect as a tool of cognition.Yet in order to convey this idea the intellect has to be used or communication of such an idea would not be possible. Roy Masters claims we should speak from the heart but I have never heard or seen a speaking heart.

Surely the person who is 'playing God' is the one who claims to have a mystical connection with a supernatural power from another dimension which is not accessible through the intellect.But in any case what is the condition of someone who abandons their intellect and relies as Masters advocates on a non sensory,non rational,non intellectual power that will direct their actions and thoughts via  the meditation he teaches which requires that a person sits in a straight backed chair,becomes aware of their hand and concentrates on the centre of their forehead? Surely not one of a sentient thinking being but rather a mindless schmoo receptive to any amount of mystical mush of which mystics like Roy Masters seem to have in abundant supply.

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