Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Masters of the Loony Verse

In the latest youtube of the senile dribblings of cult leader Roy Masters he asserts that judge Scalia was murdered.Unwilling to break the habit of a lifetime  he of  course offers no explanation or scintilla of proof for this wild paranoiac assertion and goes rambling on to another subject in his usual stream of consciousness fashion.It is no accident that almost all the Roy Masters followers I have had contact with are prone to holding bizarre conspiracy theories as they get such crackpottery from the Master himself from whom they are well schooled.

Further on in his Sunday conversations Roy, as his supporters tend to call him in forced informality, urges upon his dwindling audience the need for selflessness.Become a selfless schmoo,its what God wants.Annihilate the self,its the same universal nihilistic message of all mystics.Do not take any thought for the morrow,be like the birds Christ enjoins.Be a mindless hippy,tune in,drop out.For religion read anti man,anti mind,anti self, anti life.

We are only ten minutes into a 90 minute recording but you get the drift.I share this large nugget of wisdom from Masters.Are we dogs he asks.A dog lives and dies,then another dog lives that dies and then another dog lives and dies -is that all we are? Well yes, if you put it like that.We are born,we live,we die.Sorry about that,it may not please you,you may wish it were otherwise and concoct absurd bizarre stories about an after life where you worship your creator for all eternity(sounds like hell to me) but it just ain't so.Suck it up.And we are not dogs so the comparison is rather silly -like everything else that trips from the lips from this guru of the nonsensical.

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