Monday, September 19, 2005

The British People Have Been Ethnically Cleansed

Race equality comissar Trevor Phillips claims the UK is in danger of turning into a land of ethnic ghettoes.That's multiculturalism for you.His sollution? Force institutions such as schools to take in ethnic minorities to balance things out.As if that social engineering hasn't already been tried in the US with dire results.Remember bussing?

Multiculturalism is a bad mistake that keeps on festering and growing until somone steps up and speaks the truth that unchecked immigration, an influx of aliens is untenable and no amount of forced assimilation such as Phillips recommends will address it.

Small wonder more and more true born Britains are leaving their country in droves as they no longer recognise it as their own; whole swathes of the nation have been turned over to alien subcultures,poisonous enclaves of interracial strife and pustulating decay.

The very skylines have been disfigured by ugly mosques inside which who knows what moral and spiritual criminality takes place,what plots and schemes to destroy the British way of life being being hatched out,what dastardly criminal acts being devised,all in the name of a sick and degenerate cult called Islam that worships death and destruction on a global scale.

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Alchemist said...

What were the people who imported all these peoples from different cultures thinking?
We had a shortage of manpower in the fifties because of the war,but contraception and abortion has dropped the birthrate even more so.
You can't have just any migrants to fill up your workforce.