Sunday, July 03, 2016

Remain in denial

Further to my comments on the illiberal nature or the Remain side is the despicable way those Remainers in the Labour party are now seeking to depose the democratically elected Jeremy Corbyn and replace him with a New Labour apparatchik via a crudely staged  coup.

In the past Trotskyites and Marxist of every ilk had to sneak in the back door of th Labour party and seek to undermine it from within as entryists but thanks to Milliband's change of rules last year they can come in through the front door clutching their three pounds membership fee and this they did in their tens of thousands and now comprise Corbyn's not inconsiderable army of activists but it is no point bewailing this state of affairs when it was willed by the party itself and it now has to live with the consequences rather than seeking to drive its democratically elected leader from his post in a maladroit and bungled putsch.

This unseemly spectacle is only surpassed by the hordes of Remain's bad losers who have taken to the streets demanding another referendum because the first one did not go to their liking.

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