Saturday, July 16, 2016

Religion Poisons Everything

Religion is a cancer devouring the world. The carnage in Nice was religiously motivated. The fact that the pepetrator was a unhinged psychopath does not alter the fact that he was radicalised by religion and used it to justify his psychopathic acts.

I see the vile evil bastards proselytising their christanity in town and there is not a hair's difference between them and the Islamists except the death cult of Christianity has been de fanged, disempowered and all it can do is rail at its arch enemy reason and science. It no longer has the power to enslave and torture and now just makes bleating noises as it seeks to gull the imbecilic, the psychotic and the philosophically disarmed.

Religion indeed - all religion without exception is a cancer and the  cure and antidote is reason,science and ridicule. If there is a hell which of course there is not it would be reserved for the religious and their preachments, for all the misery and suffering it has inflicted on mankind,the oceans of blood it has spilt,the wars it has caused, the mental psychological havoc it has wreaked over the centuries and to this very day. A plague on all its houses.

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