Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Meet the New Boss..

How quick the tories were to close ranks and place their Establishment lickspittle Treason May in Downing St acting for all the world like the referendum had never happened and the status quo had not just received  its biggest thrashing in living memory. With her Stassi approach to 'national security' where everyone is under cyber surveillance it truly is now the Nazi Party and this vile woman has lost no time in positing a far left socialist programme that would not be out of place in the Socialist Worker's party manifesto. She will lose no time also in sabotaging the EU Brexit negotiations as an unprincipled Remainer who skulked in the shadows during the referendum debates waiting to see the result and then hoping no one would remember she was an ardent defender of the EU and its criminal depradations.

As the Labour party tears itself apart its business as usual for the tories who spurned the best possible candidate in Teresa Leadsom who could have truly ushered in a capitalist revolution and opted instead for an amoral mega statist robot who will lead the UK to its ultimate demise down the long and winding road to serfdom.

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