Friday, March 12, 2010

Tax Revolt

Acts of violence against the individual by the State are criminal and unlawful.Yes, we are referring to Taxation, the use of force by the State against a disarmed populace.When elected leaders indulge in orgies of vicarious philanthropy with tax payer's money it is time for revolt.The power is with the people.Simply by witholding taxes it can bring down the Government.At the moment the population is in an open jail but is so conditioned that it will not walk out.There are no locks but the conditioning runs deep. A velvet revolution is possible.European Socialism may have hypnotised the masses but the spell can be broken.Is a Tax strike possible? I believe so.It may be unprecendented but not impossible.Just say NO. All self employed people should not fill in their tax returns.Employers should cease being unpaid tax collectors for the government. The message should simple be Stand up to the Bully State.It commits acts of aggression against private individuals because it is a bully.Concerted action against it,civil disobedience is morally justified and totally legitimate.Power to the people!

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