Friday, March 12, 2010

State Ponzi Scheme

In the UK on the eve of an election you would think there would be some serious debate about the role of the State,what Government is for but instead we have the cult of Personality,kindergarten politics to disguise the ugly truth that there is not a cigarette paper between the ideologies of the contending parties.They are Statists all,but the greatest offenders are the Tories for pretending that the EU which they support, can be reformed from the Supra Socialist state it is to the freemarket association of States they favour.This is the Big Lie and they peddal it relentlessly.Pyramid schemes are illegal and those who practice them can go to jail.The Welfare State is such a pyramid scheme so how come our leaders are not facing a long prison sentence? At least Bernie Madoff did not force anyone to join his scheme...

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