Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nice but Dim Tories

A mad Leftist dies and the Conservatives are falling over backwards to praise him.What is a Foot? Conservatives are too nice.Never mind the Nasty Party.They are not nasty enough!Imagine as I said yesterday if it had been Thatcher who died rather than the ghastly Foot.Would there have been an outpouring of love and fawning praise?So why this grovelling apeeasement by Conservatives and does it not betoken moral weakness masquerading as compassion?This moral weakness is endemic in Conservatism and is the reason why under the worst Labour leadership for decades they are barely making any inroads into the Labour vote.People sense the lack of any moral compass,the pandering to public opinion,the leading rather than following that characterises modern conservatism and it is a turn off.The bottom of all this is that Conservatives are pragmatist,hedgebetters,with no ideology,no core values,adrift in moral relatavism,more into psephology than philosophy and it shows.

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