Thursday, January 05, 2012

Join Me In My Death Cult I Mean Religion

I am starting a new religion.It is based on a mystical entity I dreamt of last night.It was a being of almighty power and dimension and it chose me as its representative!I am endowed with special powers that must not be questioned.Young people will come to my churches that I plan to build on every street corner and be indoctrinated I mean taught the only true way.Of course my religion will be protected by the State.No one must offend me or my feelings,how dare they even think of such blasphemous thoughts!Such hate crimes and bigotry will not be tolerated!Who knows what might befall such objectors to my divinely inspired edicts.Soon everyone will have to be converted to my faith.All laws will be changed to comply with my religion of course.Women will cover themselves in public. Our schools will be tax funded.Of course I am well aware that my religion will take several centuries to bed in.Many wars will have to be fought to lend it the authenticity of longevity.Millions will have to die sacrificed on the altar of the new faith before it is given its just recognition. Am I mad,how could such a thing ever come to pass you say?Is this all too far fetched? Thank God it was just a dream and such outlandish things could never happen here in the UK lol.

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