Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Parasitic Islam

Like one of those parasitic insects that invade a host, supplant and devour it from within, the invading immigrant muslim hordes latch themselves parasitically onto the host country and then begin their devouring usurping mission.

By calibrated degrees they insinuate themselves into said countries,colonising and taking over indegenous areas,planting their alien sub culture in the host country -mosques and muslim institutions,becoming a majority by prodigous reproduction of alien muslim spores until a critical mass is effected and Islamic hegemony is achieved.

Muslim Pest control is the only antidote to this poisonous cancerous invasion.Unless it is done expeditiously the amount of antidote required will kill the host as well as the invader.Time is of the essence....

Footnote: Even in its own environment Islam has become parasitic, living off the proceeds of oil.Oiligarcies have arisen as a consequence. The morribund nature of Islam will ultimately be self devouring.