Sunday, June 16, 2019

Is a basic Income ok?

No, it is paying people for existing and very immoral. It is welfare on stilts and whilst it is a massive simplification of an extremely complex unwieldy cumbersome Byzantine bureaucratic multi duplicating wasteful welfare system  and therefor as such, an improvement, the idea of unearned income still remains fundamentally immoral and evil.

It is based on the profoundly erroneous concept of  scarcity sustainability and limits to growth theory as though the stuff that can be produced is finite and human beings will cease to be productive beyond a certain point as they will run out of resources and ideas. All of human history has proved this to be a groundless fallacy as endless inventions and innovations ensure that no such limit to human creativity has ever or will ever occur just as long as human beings continue to think and innovate.

New forms of work will evolve, new jobs appear and the end of work and creativity will remain the apocalyptic and armageddon fantasy of statists with no clue about human creativity and its limitless potential.

Is Tax on Ai Robots Ok

No, it s a tax on intellectual property and the creators of artificial intelligence have brought huge value, efficiency, innovation,creativity and genius to bear on discovering and inventing the technology that allows tremendous exponential improvements in productivity to business and industry and for that sin they are to be punished with swingeing taxation?

This would be a tax on creativity and genius and makes as much sense as taxing the inventor of the tractor for reducing the workforce on the land and raising productivity a thousandfold.

Intellectual property is a vital component of the capitalist system where virtual reality plays an essential role in the economy and a tax on that is a tax on man's mind and creativity. Taxing robots sounds seductively appealing  to the unthinking because it implies it is not a tax on a human being but a souless robot and machine but as the robot and artificial intelligence is the brain child of human being it is every bit as much a tax on humans as the traditional taxation but in a sense it is worse as the amount of effort, brainpower and genius that went in to creating this amazing revolutionary invention involve heroic acts of supreme intellectual genius  such that it should be respected all the more that the brawn of a million drone workers merely repeating the learned and taught motions of others. 

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Common Fallacy surrounding 'Big Tech' Platforms

Why do people think Facebook, Twitter and Google etc are the public property of their users? Because it is a platform with public access they mistakenly view it as a public service taking umbrage if their account is suspended or deleted due to content issues and whine they are being censored forgetting only the state has such powers.

Is a publisher who decides to no longer publish an author censoring them? Is a company that hires out buildings for venues censoring an act they refuse to host deeming it hostile or counter to their business ethos? Is a newspaper that refuses to carryarticles from a particular columnist censoring them?These are not state actors but privately owned and run companies with fully protected property rights.

 Facebook etc invariably do not charge for the use of their platforms and yet get endless vilification from ungrateful users with serious entitlement issues.Whether it be a physical location or one in virtual reality property rights and intellectual rights still apply and the principle holds no matter what some concrete bound mentalities assert to the contrary.

Why do Businessmen make terrible politicians

They fail to transition and grasp the fundamental difference between the public and private sphere, the difference between business and politics and exercise arbitrary personal whim in public life as if the State were their personal fiefdom subject to random dictat.

Participation in the private sphere is voluntary, the public not and due restraint is therfor required in the latter to assure an absence of duress force and coercion which the businessman turned politician fails to recognize rendering them authoritarian and despotic, impatient and contemptuous of pesky things like individual rights, focusing instead entirely on outcomes to their gargantuan grandiose statist projects and programmes, riding roughshod over liberties in the process.

Why is Religion the greatest man made evil in human history

Because it was the first totalitarian system from which all subsequent ones were spawned. Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Mixed Economy, Welfarism, Compte Altruism, are all the projeny of religion without which they would have been stillborn. Minus the dynamic and imprimatur of the religious altruist imperative, the sacrifice of Self to others, the alter, the authoritarian absolute state commanding total acquiescence would never have gained any traction.

The rein of terror of Dark Ages mysticism prefigured and provenanced all the 20th century totalitarian horrors and its altruist ethos remains potent and animates politics to this day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Does Christianity Still pose a threat to individual rights and liberty

Yes, observe the anti abortion legislation in the US - a country which expressly enshrined the separation of church and state in its constitution. The church as we can see was defanged but not reformed, the old ugly nature remained the same, it was merely stripped of its political power. Or so we thought..  Its old despotic nature is alive and well and ready to start controlling women and their reproductive organs all over again.

Make no mistake, the greatest man made evil of all time, Religion is making a comeback, is on the march again  whether it be Christianity or Izlam (piss be upon it) and its totalitarian ambitions are undimned by the passing centuries and the trail of blood havoc and corpses left behind in its inhuman and barbaric depredations

Who are the Drug Prohibitionsts

Those with authoritarian statist inclinations, invariably of a religious persuasion - it goes with the territory. Observe their causal blase disregard and scorn they display for individual rights as they advocate invasive state action against the personal  choices of individuals and enlist state power to control what a person ingests injects or inhales. Your body belongs to the state is the implicit message they dare not make explicit, which would expose their totalitarian disposition.

Just as the earlier evangelical missionary prohibitionists the anti drug are driven by religious zealotry and should be disavowed as the puritan Dark Ages atavists they are.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Why are UK business groups so cravenly pro EU

They are Brussels funded and captured and like being part of the highly protectionist EU bloc which insulates them from competition from beyond its borders  in a rigged and fixed market.

If they were for free trade and capitalism they would be speaking up and daily issuing grave warnings about the imminent and very real threat of a Marxist Corbyn Labour government but they have said nothing,zero, nada.

Business may once in the mists of time have been pro free market capitalism but today's average businessman is a pathetic co opted subsidised statist hireling mouthing pro big government propaganda, shilling for the state. (Ref any Cbi spokesman). They do not advocate for capitalism but its complete abandonment.

Should the Bbc interview Extinction rebellion spokespersons

No, they are a terrorist organization threatening to use violence to close down  an airport and prevent hundreds of thousands of people going about their business and by giving them a platform the Bbc is complicit and party to an act of terrorism and should have its licence revoked and be closed down.

The eco terrorist group has further threatened to use drones at airports which is a threat to mass murder and they should be arrested immediately, charged and prosecuted under the terrorist act.

Violence is the use of force and blocking people's path and preventing them from free movement is an act of violence and the very antithesis of 'peaceful protest' and to mischaracterize it thus is Orwellian and speaks to the totalitarian nature of the Extinction Rebellion movement.

Is fake News a valid term

Yes just listen to any Bbc news content with everything filtered thru a leftist context whether it be news bulletins or comment. What is prioritized as news, how it is graded and hierachized, the slant, the spin, the emphasis and interpretation placed upon it, the intonation and inflexion of voice, what is included, what  is omitted, who is invited to comment, with what regularity, how they are interviewed, how many times interrupted and talked over, the cordiality or hostility with which they are addressed and treated etc.

There are a thousand ways bias and prejudice, tendentiousness and partiality can be expressed and conveyed, agendas manifest themselves and find expression.

In a commercial broadcaster liberal left views would often struggle for market share but as the Bbc is funded by a State mandated co opted public license system that is no obstacle to its relentless 24\7 left-pushing agendas.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Why are most Conservatives Statist

They are invariably paternalist, usually religious and have swallowed altruism whole and cannot consequently take an ethical moral stand against its corollary and political expression of Welfare.

Being Christian such Conservatives have authoritarian impulses and will lean to totalitarian positions on such things as drugs prohibition and anti abortion and fully endorse strict curbs on the free market such as taxation and oppressive regulation, instigate vast state infrastructure programmes, defend socialized healthcare, anti trust measures, the creation of numberless government industry watchdogs quangoes, oppose mergers and acquisitions, stifle business, rein it in and bolster the mixed economy fully convinced they are doing God's work protecting the poor and vulnerable from unchecked rampant capitalism.

This is typical leftist Conservatism, its near universal orthodoxy which in all essentials is indistinguishable form leftist socialist statism.

How to identify a Statist

They love to collectivize the achievements of individuals and others with such statements as 'we as a country are great at technological innovation and scientific research'  brazenly appropriating such skills and talents to themselves, as if it were their's, as if politicians in reality did anything  other than stifle and frustrate such genius with taxation, regulation and a thousand other obstructive legislative statist measures.

Such is the essence of a parasite which is what politicians are. They take the achievements of others, bask in their reflected glory then steal the fruits of their labours thru taxation to buy the votes of welfare bums. They are the Salieri to the innovator's Mozart.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Why do people think Anti Trump is Left wing?

It is a common trap and would be quite comical were it not so serious as trump's economic policies have way  more in common with those of Bernie Sanders than the average Republican's.Such is the power of emotionalism and tribalism to blind people to reality and it is very key to note that those arguing for a return to masculine values are the biggest cry babies ever, whining that feminism has stolen their manhood and the Chinese their jobs and begging big government to enact statist protectionist policies and tariffs to keep them in an old dead rust belt industry forever because of their infantile entitlement mentality.

Co dependence on the state and emotional incontinence are the hallmarks of Trump fandom and to criticize it is left wing! Yeah, right. If this is not cultist behaviour I do not know what is.

Religion: The last refuge of the scoundrel

When politicians invoke religion to justify and inform  their actions and policies you can see authoritarianism rearing its obscene and ugly face. Tho two are indivisible, the one the handmaiden of the other. Its no accident that when religion was at its zenith was the dark ages and it wielded merciless totalitarian power and woe betide anyone who challenged its premises and principles as they would be subject to the most barbaric and inhuman punishments and death.

Now religion is invoked by sociopaths and scoundrels like Trump and Kavanagh -both serial abusers of women who want to tell them how they should live their lives, what they can and cannot do with their bodies, claiming that their womb is the property of the state not their own. If miscreants, sexual deviants and bad ass psychos like the above get to rule and use religion to justify their arbitrary dictats America will become another dysfunctional theocracy with mad Conservative mullahs dictating women's reproductive cycles and lives, a dark age mystical priest ridden tyranny.

Why would the religious right ally with a boasting sexual offender like Trump? Because they are Christian fascists who use force and faith as social control.

America was founded on a separation of Church and State and those who seek to join them back together again are profoundly anti American and in criminal violation of constitutional rights. They are now back with a vengeance and they need to be fought or as we have seen in recent judicial developments re abortion America will be lost and become a Christian Iran.

What will be Donald Trump's Legacy

The belief that big government is good, (make the state great again), authoritarianism gets things done, you can and should do deals with evil people, control of the free press is desirable, libel laws to close down criticism are good, bullying and crudity is ok, protectionism and tarriffs, not free trade works,  the mixed economy, economic nationalism and statism is best for America not capitalism, nativism is good, immigration bad, blustering bufoonery and posturing is presidential, flip flopping and changing principle and policy on the fly from one day to the next and lying is fine as is having a hair trigger temper and the emotional intelligence of a three year old.

The fact that none of Trump's fanboys can see any of this proves we are dealing with a cult and they are its glassy eyed adherents and acolytes. Presidency as the cult of personality. He has trashed the presidency and whilst he is not a dictator or even yet a crypto fascist he has set America  on that path and smoothed the way for the genuine article. The rest is just a matter of time 

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Why is the Labour Party riven with anti semitism

It has been captured by the far left  who are anti capitalism and associate it with jewry usury and banking. This is why they are also very pro Islam which forbids usury and is also anti semitic. Labour plans to regulate and rein the banks in even more than they are now and it is  little known that the post war socialist Labour government  nationalized the bank of England and turned it a central bank enabling all subsequent governments to manipulate, corrupt, debase and debauch the currency accumulating huge debts to buy votes with pledges and promises on vast welfare spending and massively expanding the state's remit.

Anti semitism attempts to disguise its identity and ugly racist nature under the rubric of anti Zionism but this is a mere figleaf, transparent in its deception and is anti semitism in all but name,using the identical latter's arguments but flying under  false colours. 

Friday, June 07, 2019

What is the purpose of a Mayoralty

Mayors are designed to aggrandize local government and the post tends to attract chancers and grandstanders of political pull who preen and strut peacock-fashion over their petty thiefdoms. Like a state within a state, another useless tier of government, mayoralties resemble the mafia in their depredations and stranglehold on commerce and trade but with the added panoply of bureaucratic obfuscation to stifle economic growth with stultifying socialist controls,regulations and taxes.

The present London incumbent Kahn typifies the pathology of the species, exhibiting all the worse traits and characteristics of unchecked statism: narcissism, malevolence, nihilism. The corruption of local government finds its full expression in the mayoralty and it should be abolished.

Will the Establishment survive a No Brexit outcome

Not in its present form or only in the short term. If people think democracy is no longer working or does not do what it says on the tin all the institutions that argued for Remain will be regarded as suspect, corrupt, amoral and untrustworthy with diminished status and destroyed reputation.

Political instability can be expected and a mass gravitation to extremes which could lead to greater authoritarianism than exists presently with people opting for a 'strong man' who 'gets things done', a Putin or Trump.

Instead of choosing smaller government which would be the logical reaction to oppressive statism past conditioning will sadly lead them perversely to upping the poison and electing for more state control over their lives rather than less; a depressing and regrettable but all too familiar syndrome.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

WW11 Groundhog Day

Why does the UK fetishize its WW2 victory with seeming endless memorialising and self valorisation? The US bailed Britain out of two world wars but the second is surrounded in folklore chiefly due to the cult of Churchill the arch mythologiser with extraordinary albeit dubious skills of oratory and self promotion.

Promptly after the war he was rejected by the fickle electorate in favour of the Labour party who promised bread and circuses and ushered in an English socialism not dissimilar in essentials to the German Socialism it had sacrificed blood and treasure to defeating the last six years leading to the welfare state and making British subjects less free than they were before the war.

Communism was the true victor of WW2 and the Soviets were Western allies so it was an inglorious pyrrhic victory for Britain which has been glossed over with cloying sentiment and propaganda to the present day.

Britain was bankrupt after the war languishing years in poverty, emiseration and subsistence rationing and got a humiliating bailout/loan from the US which was unconstitutional foolish and ill advised as it was promptly squandered and frittered away on the Welfare State by the Labour government.

Hitler planned a European Union which was enacted by his victors rendering WW2 futile on its own terms. Claims that the EU was a bulwark against the risk of future Fascism has been embarrassingly refuted by the emergence of far Right movements across the EU.

Abstracting the Churchill cult of personality and the self congratulation WW2 achieved little and cost much for the victors.

The nauseating orgy of anniversary marking that keeps on being played out should actually be banned as it is is criminal waste of taxpayers money and a way of distracting from the statism and oppressive collectivism that the UK polity is now characterized  by and merely allows our political pygmies to channel Churchill in a hopeless attempt to bask in  distant glories and  the fading glow of his questionable triumphs and larger than life character.

Monday, May 20, 2019

What's wrong with Jordan Peterson?

Leaving aside all his virtues, communication skills as a brilliant speaker and entertainer his major flaws are his emotionalism, his religious premises -the two are closely connected as religious belief is emotionalism - and again associated with those two things, his morbid malevolent world view which colours and informs his whole schtick.That is to say his message is life is hell here's how you can make it better.No matter how great his instruction on how to make it better is, how trenchant the insights and psychological analysis are if it is based on a false foundation it is a house built on sand.

His emotionalism is particularly bad and he not infrequently brings himself to the verge of tears,his voice shaky with emotion making an embarrassing spectacle leaving a question mark over his mental stability. This is tied up with his religiosity which is not overt but more insidious and sinuous but still based on unreason and emotionality.

His analysis of the left is good and he is always worth listening to but ultimately a flawed thinker undone by his religious emotionalism and his work will have little if any lasting value.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Liberals caught with their Pantsdown

Up until '16 the Liberals could just about get away with the great pretense that they were indeed liberals but since Brexit that pretense has been exposed in all its ugly putrescence. The fig leaf of democracy has been torn away to reveal the ugly truth beneath -the liberals are a squalid party of illiberal big government elitists with profoundly illiberal tendencie -s witness their open contempt for the 17 plus million people who voted to get out of the illiberal EU and their insistence enunciated in nauseatingly faux moral tones that they be made to go back and vote again -and this time get it right.

The death announced today of the ridiculous pompous jackass liberal grandee Paddy Ashdown is a reminder of just how out of touch with reality liberals can get. This preposterous posturing political pygmy with his faux gravitas and his delusions of competence was almost a caricature of the worst sort of liberal -smarmy, patronising suffering from acute self awareness deficit and the delusion that any fatuous statement that ushered from his lips was of interest to anyone other than his psychiatrist and his narrow band of cultic acolytes  taken in by his preening prattling vacuity masquerading as principle.

The liberals have been eviscerated since their power lusting coalition gambit backfired and one can only hope that their days in the political wilderness are long and arid  and that their tedious sanctimony never better embodied than by prattling paddy and dreams of future office and influence will be burried along with his cancer ridden corpse. 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Unholy Alliance of Religion and Leftism

The religious and the Left are united in their visceral loathing and fear of individualism and the self which they excoriate with a passion that is positively pathological.Fear and loathing of individualism is their sine qua non as it is a threat to their collectivist agendas.

The nihilism and misanthropy of the left with its obsession with environmentalism and its desire that people sacrifice themselves on the altar of altruism -not even for the living but the yet to be born, future generations, the non living, the non existent is echoed by the religious who demand people sacrifice themselves to a supernatural entity of such pathological magnitude that  would make Stalin and Hitler seem like plaster saints of innocence by comparison.

Individualism is conflated with solipsism,selfishness, narcissism, subjectivism, whim worshiping. The only logical conclusion when individualism is rejected is group think,collective consciousness which is outright mysticism that the left has embraced wholesale in perfect harmony with the religious who seek to destroy individualism, reason, autonomy freedom and liberty - to them  dangerous concepts based on consumerism and people pursuing their self interest.

Anti consumption, anti growth, anti capitalist, anti reason, anti man, anti pleasure here on earth, the Left has embraced every facet of dark ages religious puritanism and religious misanthropy making it regressive, nihilistic and and a philosophical threat to enlightenment universalist principles on which the modern world and civilization itself is based and dependent upon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Who ARE the Far Right?

They are on the move the media tells us but  is their   characterization accurate or have they made a glaring omission? The latter I fear and am not sure it is wholly unintentional. They juxtapose the Far right with the Islamists -but why? Are not the Islamists the ultimate Far Right?

Look at the agendas of the Islamists for a few seconds and it becomes manifestly obvious that they are Far Right to the core. Misogyny? Tick Homophobia? Tick.Xenophobia -Racism? Tick. And of course let us not forget the gravest evil of the Far Right namely Anti semitism! Er, Tick Tick Tick. The only thing the Islamists do not have is: white skin. So, the argument on the left goes, they cannot possibly be Far Right!

This is the bbc line and it should be challenged head on. Islamists are the Far Right every bit as much as nay far more  than the Edl or their more virulent European equivalents who are apparently a grave threat according to latest statistics.

Frank Gardener the beeb correspondent could not seem to get his ducks in a row this morning on the Today prog as he started by saying there is a rise in violence from "the far right and far left. But a few minutes further into his commentary he reverted back to just the far right so there is some very dodgy journalism going on here as usual from the beeb.

From now on there should be pressure on the bbc to include Islamists in the category of the Far Right for no other group belongs there more than they do.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Great Austerity Myth

The British think if they deny themselves a wafer thin mint that is austerity. The spending orgy just continues and with Hammond at the helm it will be more spend spend spend, welfare for all, corporate and individual. Even trees are going to get tens of millions. The economy will continue to be debauched, the very lodestone of the economy the tech digital industry will be eviscerated with malevolent digital tax to the likes of Amazon who have threatened to withdraw form the UK if Hammond carries out his threatened terrorist actions against them.

The socialist tories hate capitalism as much as Labour do and there is no hope for the country unless they are challenged on ideological grounds and a new movement away from the statism of both political parties and towards capitalism emerges.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why Has Parliament got a Vote ie veto on Brexit?

I have not heard a reason for this yet. Parliament can veto the referendum result -how so? 75% of parliamentarians are Remainoids and they can scupper Brexit? Wonder why this has not been challenged and there has been no outrage about it.

Why have a referendum in the first place if parliament can over ride it? Blank -out.

If the referendum is nullified by parliament, parliament should be nullified by the people.

Remainers the EU's odd bedfellows

Why would the remainoids be fighting desperately for the UK to remain a member of what is fast becoming a union of crypto fascist states? With one country after the other being taken over or challenged by virulent nationalist xenophobic parties within the EU it is ill sorted to say the least that the liberal defenders of the EU want Britain to remain within this federation of nascent European  fascists.

Have they not read the writing on the wall or are they politically illiterate or so crazed and enamoured of the concept of the EU that they haven't noticed what an ugly illiberal conglomeration of nationalist states it now morphed into?

So much for the EU being a bulwark against fascism. Now that it's raison d etre has been  comprehensively negated by current events should it not European liberals remove their imprimatur from this doomed endeavour?

Greener than Thou

The Greens will devour themselves! The latest here in Kent is a protest against wait for it: a Solar Power plant. Apparently it will interfere with the natural habitat salt marshes and the lesser spotted tit no doubt.

When it comes to virtue signalling of course the Greens are in a class of their own -middle class whining Niabys -not in anyone's backyard. They will not be happy tll the whole human race has extinguished itself and left planet earth to its natural pre human state -theirs is the misanthropy that dare not speak its name, with some added nihilism thrown into the toxic mix.

Greenies are old Marxists who never die, just mutate and reinvent themselves hoping no one will notice their base motives or am I complimenting them undeservedly for having an ideology when in fact they are too irrational even for that?

Phillip Green. Victim of Hate Crime?

Why do people hate Phillip Green?There is anti semitism lurking in there somewhere but chiefly it is because he has had the effrontery to be incredibly successful and that is not tolerated by the pseudo intelligentsia and the culture at large. That is the unforgivable sin.

Be on welfare, be a moocher and you will be valorised but dare to succeed and you will be demonized.

If you put a foot wrong your character will be assassinated  from both  left and the right proving yet again that there is no essential difference between the  two and never was.

A nurse can be responsible for killing dozens of patients in the NHS and not receive anything like the vitriol and hate that Green has received over the years.

In this age obsessed with hate speech it seems there is  one group of people who are exempted from such protection absurd and foolish as it is and yes, its the evildoers, the producers and businessmen, for whom it is permanent open season. 

Irish stick it to the Roman Catholic Church (again)

God is a maniac! Stephen Fry is vindicated. You can lampoon the evil church without now having your collar felt. It's hard to believe such battles are still being fought in the 21st century but such is the evil power held by the church. The Irish have spoken and told the church where to put its evil blasphemy laws in their referendum. Rome wasn't sacked in a day, it took a little longer but bravo to the Irish as they hammer another nail in the Church of satan's coffin.

We should follow suit and abolish our blasphemy laws deviously  euphemised as 'hate thought crime.Religion will not go quietly into its  night but rages against the dying of its evil lights -it has to be forced into giving up it nefarious powers as it is still attempting to silence those who would dare to challenge its absurdities, lies and the giant hoax upon mankind it has perpetrated down the ages.

A nice competition to see who can draw the funniest and most obscene pictures of Mohumud piss be upon him would be a start.We must be able to make fun of religion and its evil hold on mankind, it's pretensions and absurdities and not allow it to continue intimidating people into silence with its threats and bullying.This is just a start hopefully and will embolden people to take on religion and its authoritarian totalitarianism once and for all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Arab Nazi States are our Allies?

Why are we selling a long standing Islamafascist rogue state like Sordid Arabia WEAPONS and calling them our 'allies'? With friends like that who needs enemies. Could it be our wretched monarchy that has close ties to them for godonly knows what reason other than that's what monarchies do - mutually support their heinous crimes (ref history of the monarchy in Britain across the many centuries).

We expect nothing more from Mr expedience and pragmatist Trump when he argues that we cannot censure the Saudis because selling them weapons provides jobs for Americans but that the UK should be in bed with this truly monstrous regime that has been committing mass murder for decades simply beggars  belief.

Apparently many tory ministers have been bought by the Saudis and are mired in corruption and cronyism with the evil Sordid mullahs and actually have the brassneck to appear on the Bbc justifying their obscene posture and wheeling out a bizarre justification for their moral depravity and cupidity as follows: 'if we weren't selling them weapons other less scrupulous (?!) countries like Russia would be. If we weren't funding the Arab Nazis some other less scrupulous countries would be.

Don't you want to vomit all over such tory mps gentle reader s s s s?

Lies, Damned lies and Blog Stats

My blogstats state that in the last 24 hours I have had 19 thousand hits or visitors from the US and that in the last 7 days it is 80 thousand from the US. Bearing in mind that I have only ever had 100 per week I am of course not taking such stats seriously at all. Of course it would be nice were it accurate but I cannot see how it can go from 100 to 18,000 Lol.

Apart from anything else the law of averages would dictate that were such a volume of people viewing this site at least some would have left a comment but as my comment box is empty again I am skeptical.

Someone said it could be the Ruskies as I am unkind to them but although true what would be gained by bigging up my lamentable stats?

Could it be automated bots if that's what they call them? Blank-out.

Could it be the internet company wanting to give me a little bit of encouragement languishing as I do in the cyber wastes of the Great Unread? That would be sweet but I just dunno and I guess if I have  attained such a huge readership practically overnight and anyone is reading this someone or 2 can leave a comment  but in the absence of anyone doing that I will remain a Blogstat skeptic.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

America -Where did it all go wrong?

What was the flaw in the american constitution that enabled it to go from the country the founding fathers articulated, a severely delimited Republican state to an over bloated quasi socialist, welfare state, mixed economy statist democracy?

From Washington, Franklin etc to in a few generations Wilson, Roosvelt, Johnson, Obama ,Trump eek? Could it have been the introduction of the notion of taxation as a legitimate tool of the state as adumbrated in the Federalist papers? Clearly, once the principle that taxation was an acceptable tool in the arsenal of state - even for laudable purposes - was established it would only be a matter of time for the state to expand its remit across the board as the pass had been sold re the principle of taxation. Thus the growth of welfare from the beginning of the 1900s.

War is always used as an excuse to expand government which after the war continues to be funded at war levels as the people have been accustomed to big state action and are thus persuaded that such state action can be extended to domestic affairs also so the successive wars the US engaged in from the end of the 18th century surely contributed to the expansion of government as it did in Europe after the 1st and 2nd world wars.

There was nothing in the constitution apparently which prevented this massive expansion of the state into the personal affairs of the citizenry so that today the US resembles more and more the European states in its invasive interventionist statist policies and its concomittant growth of national debt.

Not being in any way shape or form a constitutionalist expert I could not possibly say what were the ommissions that led and allowed the statists to drive a coach and horses thru the constitution but this they have undoubtedly done and it remains to be seen if the US can survive the grave statist incursions of its enemies within.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Welfare in Aspic

Governments come and go but welfare endures. Like all the other philosophical crap the West has absorbed welfare came from the Germans with Bismarx. German may well have been defeated on the battle grounds of the 1st and 2nd world wars but there is n doubt that it is the philosophical political ideological victor of the 20th century right up to today.

Kant, Marx, Hegel Heidigger et all -thanks a bunch, their malign influence hangs like a dark toxic cloud over European polities across the piece and let us not forget their darkest hour -the construction of the EU monolith which as most observers recognize re the EU is merely the continuation of German hegemony by other means.Hitler first outlined the blueprint for a united europe.

Now thankfully Germany is a busted flush politically as hey ho they are embracing Fascism again! and Merkel star has waned but back to welfare.

The tories have accommodated Welfare right from the get go bar some stout but almost solitary and ultimately futile resistance from the tory prophet Churchill who once again was warning the British people about the dangers of socialism but once again they turned a deaf ear and we have been paying the price ever since. What did Churchill say vis a vis socialism in England? That it would require a Gestapo to enforce it. Howls of outrage from the Left who never wanted it pointed out that the German Nazis were socialists -the clue was in th name national socialist party.

Now we have government agents and operatives telling us what to say, think,feel, eat, drink,behave, policing our words governing every aspect of our existence. If it waddles like a a gestapo, quacks like a gestapo...

Speeches from both Hitler and Goebelles testify to their affinity and direct allegiance with socialist principles but these were inconvenient truth for the left socialists who prevailed.

Fast forward to today and the kindly but deluded Ian Duncan Smith who attempted to finesse a reformed Welfare State and its the same story -the tories cast in the craven role of making socialism work and getting brickbats for their troubles.

Managerial socialism and welfare is what the tories have always posited post '45 bar a short period when Thatcher wielded the handbag and pushed back the socialist frontiers a few hundred yards but now all that ground will be retaken and extended thru Corbyn with the help of the pink tories and Welfare remains, unchallenged at its socialist egalitarian altruist roots and more a drain than ever on creativity, enterprise, freedom and liberty.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pope Beatifies Communist priest

The head of the kiddie fiddling  Roman Catholic church has officially turned a Marxist El Salvadoran priest into a saint. Isn't that all you need to know about this obscene despicable death cult religion that holds tyrannical sway over a billion people across the globe and is responsible for the deaths of millions in its sick and depraved history and career of evil?

Communism/ catholicism hand in glove. The church sucked up to every totalitarian dictatorship in the 20th century and here it is turning a commie loving priest into a saint. Why would any decent self respecting person want anything to do with such an amoral institution? That's the power of mysticism, still holding people in thrall centuries after the horrifick nitemare of the Dark Ages has passed. Still the hold endures. The power of unreason reaches across the ages and centuries holding people in thrall to its irrationalist creed -seemingly forever.

What Trump should say to the British People

My fellow Brits, forgive this breach of protocol as I know it is a well established principle that a prsident does not interfere directly in an ally's internal political affairs but I feel I have to break with such observances for I have to tell you in all earnestness I do not like what I am seeing from your once I regret to say  great country. Reluctant though I am to express the following thoughts I feel I have no choice when I see the disturbing trajectory you are on politically. The thought of a Corbyn government feels me frankly with horror and incredulity such that I find it hard even to utter these words a Corbyn government without an ominous and profound sense of consternation and revulsion

What on earth are the British people thinking of? In the last election your Theresa May only barely scrapped through ahead of an avowed Marxist, a malevolent miserable pathetic excuse of a human being who has sidled up to every monstrous regime he could find that was against Britain and its interests and by extension ours too. He is an anti semite, a proud supporter of vile fascistic arabic states and leaders, terrorist outfits, racist and malign, supported idreologically the old soviet union and as it has been revealed that the old Labour leader and extreme leftist Michael Foot was supplying information to the soviets it is inconceivable that Corbyn was not up to the same with his rabid Marxist ideology to say nothing of his despicable soft speaking sidekick John Mcdonnel with his sinister studied calmness and pathological hatred of freedom and the only system that guarantees it capitalism.

Though it pains me to say it if this vile crew of Stalinists is elected in to power Great Britain will from that moment be regarded by our country as a foe not an ally. The Special relationship which has been cultivated over generations will die an instant death the moment those sinister characters
 walk across the threshold of 10 and 11 downing st.

How can the United States maintain normal traditional relationship with a country that is hostile to freedom and liberty and the capitalist system as compromised as it has become over the decades with creeping mixed economy programmes and policies which even our country has sadly not been immune to?

But this would represent a violent break even with that as it threatens the UK with mass institutionalized emmiseration and  and impoverishment on the scale of what is taking place in Venezuela right now which the leftist media has studiously avoided reporting on.

America may end up having to set up another Marshall Plan after Corbyn has finished with your country. If it is asked to provide the means for the overthrow of such a dictatorial monstrous communist cabal my country will not hesitate to come to your assistance as we did the last time Great Britain was threatened by an extreme socialist enemy.We will do everything in our power to stop a Corbyn government from destroying the UK but you can avoid such an outcome by coming to your senses and not voting in such a freedom and liberty hating hobgoblin in the first place.

The decision is yours and I can only hope -and indeed pray were I not a proud atheist that that the British electorate after staring and peering over the abyss wisely and prudently step back and go in the opposite direction. You need a Maggie to provide you with such inspiration but alas you only have a May who does not seem to have any principles whatever, good or bad but she is still a million times preferable to Corbyn so please hold your noses and vote for her again if she is still standing at the next election and then after that see if you can find someone of moral calibre which your political scene is sadly lacking at this moment.

Regards, US President 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to counter the Red Menace

There is a very real threat that Britain could fall under communist rule and dictatorship within the year aided and abetted by the weak amoral tories wrangling over Brexit, frustrating the will of the referendum electorate and thus letting in the Corbinistas by default.

This could be precluded by the adoption of the British Constitution as outlined below whereby no such Marxist assault on the polity could even get to first base as its policies would fly directly in the face of every tenet contained within it, violating core principles of liberty and individual rights, reducing the voters to feudal serfs working for the state in state run businesses,regulated and taxed to within an inch of their lives, run by local soviets in the guise of localism and decentralization, paid hoodlums from the ranks of the newly re empowered trade unions and the thugocracy of Momentum and its petty tyrants and hirelings.

Demagoguery would never get to first base and the British citizens would be protected by law from any such state encroachments, arbitrary rule and power thus making it impossible for any would be dictator to use majority rule as an excuse for mob rule, extortion, bribery, threats of violence and incarcerations for any who resist the powers of the state to curtail their freedom and strip them of their property rights and thus their lives.

With such a constitution in place a century ago the Welfare State would never have been born, a hideous statist monster with powers to plunder, rob, pillage, loot at will on an industrial scale, tyranny institutionlalized by dictat, at the point of a gun with all the force of the state to deprive citizens of their liberty in the name of the common good -nauseatingly and hypocritically, fantastically framed as a moral good, a virtuous enterprise, the sacrificing of all to all with quasi religious overtones got from the same philosophical religious root and base of altruism -from each according to his need and that need a claim on everyone's life, a system of human bondage, man reduced to a beast of burden, enslaved to a collectivist creed cut from the Christian creed of self sacrifice and crucifixion. A gross perversion and inversion of morality trumpetted to this very day as the ultimate moral good.

A British Constitution

Government shall pass no laws or acts abridging people's freedom; freedom of speech inalienable, no laws restricting it such as blasphemy laws recast as hate crimes or hate speech

Government shall have no tax raising powers

Freedom of the press shall be guaranteed, no state control or regulation  of the media - no state broadcaster -Bbc privatised

There shall be a Separation of Church and State (disestablishment)

There shall be an immediate dissolution of the monarchy

Abolition of 2nd chamber, House of Lords as unconstitutional

Abolition of the Welfare State and also to  to include areas of health, education, transport, the Arts, sport, culture, media, unemployment, social security, childcare, adult social care and housing -immediate selling off of all social housing stock including housing associations, cessation of all government house building programmes

Privatisation of all public spaces, selling of all public land, forests,national parks,roads streets, motorways, waterways etc, abolition of greenbelt and the successive Town and Country acts restricting building.

Abolition of Eminent Domain -Compulsory Purchase Orders

Privatisation of fire services

Separation of Economy and State, free banking -  re privatisation of Bank of England

Government shall have no regulatory powers over trade industry and business or engage in any form of' partnership' with business such as obtains in the statist construct of the mixed economy.

Prohibition laws regarding consumption of drugs repealed

Government shall impose no protectionist tarriffs on imported goods -abolition of all import export controls bar for issues of national security and the checking of those with communicable diseases or suspected terrorists

Government shall form and create no 'quasi' autonomous bodies -Quangos and all such, without exception, to be abolished